SaleHoo – Top 3 "Must Ask" Questions to Your Dropshipper

SaleHoo – Top 3 "Must Ask" Questions to Your Dropshipper

Although SaleHoo has been popular of being a reliable directory for providing reliable and legitimate dropship suppliers, the site is made its self responsible enough by providing you the 7 most commonly asked questions to dropshippers to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Ask for the companies' turnaround time for orders.

As a reseller, some would say it will be better to honestly tell your clients that products will come directly from the supplier but as for the fact that this may only cause short business between you and your customer, then better to be more careful but rather , Be careful with the details you be giving. This is why you need to ask your supplier for their turnaround time so you can estimate the arrival of the goods to the doorstep of your customer. Make sure you supplier is responsible not to cause promises.

2. What shipping service company are they using?

This question must go with asking the company with their way of shipping the items to your clients. Whether they use DHL, UPS or other known courier or maybe they would try to save through the use of a small and untrustworthy company. You must also need to know regarding how standard their shipping service is and how long it will usually arrive. Remember, that a dropshipping company with good products and low prices seems useless if it has a poor quality service because it must be one of your goals not to keep your customers waiting.

3. Ask if they provide tracking codes or numbers.

Also check if these dropshippers provide tracking numbers after shipment. You will know this through the help of feedback coming from previous customers or evidences like a tracking list in their sites. This is one way of assuring you and this can give you peace of mind. Then, you will also then forward the evidence to your customer. In fact this is just one way to show them of the good service that you have. Tracking numbers are among prior importance in an online purchase since these will certify that the products are shipped and will lead you if ever the package gets missing.