Getting Your Ex Back Tutorial 17: Love on the Rebound

Getting Your Ex Back Tutorial 17: Love on the Rebound

Getting your ex back in a rush is a big no-no.  Reconciliation is a process.  As such, there are steps that must be followed.  As discussed in previous articles, dating others is part of the cycle of reuniting with a former love.  Now that you’re single and ready to mingle, be wary of rebound relationships.

Here’s why…


You’re emotionally vulnerable at this time.  It’s easy to mistake the innocent gestures and kind words of another for love.  Don’t fall into that trap.  Just go with the flow and enjoy the whole dating experience.


If you’ve been dumped, your self-confidence has taken a beating.  It’s normal to seek some form of affirmation of your desirability and appeal from someone else.  Despair is an unattractive quality and is something you should do away with.

Major Problems

If you’ve given up on getting your ex back, you may be just itching to move on right away.  In doing so, you’re willing to overlook major issues with your date just so you could already replace your ex.  Moving on after a breakup is an eventual occurrence.  But don’t force it.  It will come in due time.

Don’t rush into any long-term relationships for now.  Go out on a couple of dates and just have fun.   Work on getting your bearing and self-confidence back.  Enjoy the liberty that comes with the single life!

If you meet someone you like, that’s okay too.  Take baby steps in moving forward.  Take your time.  Don’t hurry into another relationship.  Get to know the other person further by going on a series of dates.

Getting your ex back can’t be achieved in a single sweep.  You need time and patience to carry out the whole process.  While you’re tempted to speed things up, don’t.  You may just be rushing into another train wreck by doing so.  Everything will make sense in hindsight.  Just you wait.