How to Get Huge Biceps for Beginners

How to Get Huge Biceps for Beginners

You might be wondering on how to get huge biceps when you are just a beginner. You might even give up with the thought that you don’t have any sign of forming bicep muscles due toy our skinny type body. This is perfectly normal. We all have to start somewhere, somehow. Today, instead of worrying, we have prepared some great tips and techniques to get you nearer or even successful to your goals!

Gain weight

For you to form muscles, you will need to gain weight. This helps you increase muscle mass in which helps you form your biceps. Start with adding more protein in your diet and as well as nutritious food items. Don’t ever try gaining weight through eating too much fast food or drinking too much high sugar content drinks or alcohol. Always go for natural ones and perhaps some exceptions like protein powder if you like.

Ideally gaining for about 5 pounds in over a month is great to get your biceps buff out. Remember to focus on natural diet and drinking plenty of water.

Do the complete biceps workout

For you to form your biceps right, you will need to get some good variations of exercises. You might think that the bicep is just one muscle that can be formed through repetitive motion. This is actually incorrect. In fact, doing repetitive exercise makes you prone to injury. So what you need to do is to know what variations to take.

The variations you can take are the pull workout and push workouts and then the small to large muscle workouts. Here’s a brief list of them.

Pull workouts, these are our bent over rows, pull-ups, elbows in wide grip curls and the like. We come next with push workouts that includes incline barbell press, close grip bench press, standing dumbbell should press, seated calve raises, etc.

Targeting small to large muscles is crucial as well. These are your close grip bicep curls; chin ups, bent overhand barbell rows, dips, flat barbell chest press and deadlifts.

Do the sets 3 to 4 times the most and have at least 6 up to 8 repetitions on all the suggested exercise. Remember to not strain and give adequate intervals on each activity. You can have pull workouts on a day, then follow it up with a rest day then have the push bicep workouts on the following day and so on and so forth. This is only a suggestion that means you need to give yourself good rest as well.

Concentrate on quality over quantity

More is not always good. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. When doing your workouts and lifts, try to mind the tension of the muscles. Are you giving enough or not? Make sure you are strengthening and developing constant tension. Bicep muscles are muscles that can handle constant stretching and squeezing, allowing them to handle tension workouts. Do them slowly and feel the muscle when doing your workouts.

These are basically the ways on how to get huge biceps if you are still starting out. Don’t worry, once you follow the plan and consider the tips above you will surely get the biceps you’ve dreamt.