How Cheese & Burger Society Attracted 1000s of Fans to Like its Facebook Page Quickly

The  Cheese & Burger Society boasts as many as 100,221 fans today (as on 19 September, 2011). Now, you must be curious to know how this company, sponsored by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, lured 1000’s of fans to like its business page on Facebook.

Every success story has a lesson to teach. No matter whether you are running a small, medium or big sized business, you can certainly learn from how Cheese & Burger Society developed a strategy to achieve success with its Facebook fan page. Let’s have a look at what the aforementioned company did right and garnered thousands of Facebook fans quickly.

They Announced a Contest

The first thing that the Cheese & Burger Society did to quickly get more and more people to like its business page is announce a contest. They began with a ‘Win a New Grill’ contest. They also gave visitors a chance to win one of many C & BS T-shirts. If you too are running a business, you can announce a relevant contest like Cheese & Burger Society did to expand its reach.

cheese burger contest

cheese burger contest

While running a contest on Facebook, you should always remember to adhere to the Facebook terms of service. Facebook has clearly stated the terms of use for businesses who want to launch a promotion campaign. Marketers can read these Facebook terms here.

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They Developed a Targeted Facebook App

In an earlier post, I mentioned the five biggest benefits of using Facebook applications. By using the right kind of Facebook apps, you can quickly connect with your target audience and expand the reach of your business. Keeping these benefits in mind, the Cheese & Burger Society developed their own application called ‘Send to a Friend’.

cheese burger

cheese burger


The main purpose of this Facebook application was to drive social momentum among fans. And the company hit the nail right on the head by using this powerful strategy. Sending a cheeseburger to friends was a fun-filled experience for fans. This tactic attracted a lot of fans to like the company’s business page.

They Encouraged Fans to Post Pictures

There can be no two thoughts about the usefulness of photo sharing on Facebook. The Cheese & Burger company used it as a part of their Facebook marketing strategy. They encouraged their fans to post photos. Regardless of the size of business you run, you can use this marketing strategy and make the most of Facebook photo sharing.

cheese burger photos

cheese burger photos

Photos or pictures can immediately help a business engage their audience. While you encourage fans to share photos, you shouldn’t forget to focus on enhancing the user experience.

What Should You Learn?

Facebook is certainly a powerful tool to achieve your business goals. The biggest lesson that you can learn from this success story is that you should try to kick-start a conversation and continue adding the right kind of fuel to keep it going. Picture sharing and announcing contests are two of the most useful strategies to achieve success with Facebook marketing. Facebook apps really do a great job to engage consumers. However, you need to develop applications which are well-targeted and relevant to your business.

What are you doing to grow your Facebook business page? It’s about time you too created your own success story for others to derive inspiration from. Please feel free to share your experiences and tips.