Using Yahoo Answers to Get Lots of Traffic to Your Blog

There are so many ways to generate blog traffic. Yahoo Answers also offers bloggers an excellent opportunity to attract targeted traffic. However, different people use this online platform (one of the largest in terms of international reach and member activity) for different reasons. Many people use Yahoo Answers to showcase or prove their expertise to the world. Many others use it to generate online leads. Since Yahoo Answers is frequently visited by millions of people from around the world, it’s a powerful platform to connect with your target audience and divert them to your blog or website.

Here are some of the best tips, suggestions and important pieces of advice that you can use to get plenty of blog traffic.

Using Yahoo! Answers To Drive Traffic To Your Site/Blog

How to use Yahoo Answers To get Traffic

How to use Yahoo Answers To get Traffic

#1. Look Real (fill out the profile completely)

To attract visitors’ attention on Yahoo Answers, you should never forget to fill out your profile completely. Once you get involved in providing quick solutions to people’s problems, they’ll interested to know more about who you are, what you like, what your key interests are. So, don’t disappoint people when they check out your Yahoo Answers profile.

While filling out the profile, you should always remember to Make yourself look like a real human Add a good photo for an instant connection Include a link to your blog via the ‘About Me’ section Provide as much information as you can Focus on your niche-related skills while filling out information

If you want to build a strong connection with your audience, you need to show your real face to people. So, don’t hide behind the wall. When people know who you are, they will be motivated to click your blog or site’s link (i.e. direct click-through to your site).

#2. Answer Niche-Related Questions

Since you’re looking to get targeted traffic for your blog, you don’t need to answer just any type of question you come across. Select only those questions that have relevance to your niche industry or market. While answering questions on Yahoo Answers, you should focus on building your expertise. Once people start seeing you as a credible source, they won’t hesitate to click links in your answers as well as your blog’s link on your profile page.

It’s a good idea to answer at least 2-5 questions everyday. In addition, you need to pay good attention to the language that you use. Avoid any kind of misspellings or grammatical errors. Most importantly, you need to be an early bird to catch the worm. That means you should strive to become the first in line while providing answers. If you follow this strategy, you’ll start getting a good amount of blog traffic in a couple of months (yes, it takes time).

#3. Strive to Write the Best Answers

Mostly, people on Yahoo Answers read only the best answers while ignoring the other replies to a specific question. So, don’t answer the niche-related questions in a casual manner. If you want continuous traffic, you need to answer only to be chosen or voted the best. Since best answers appear at the top, you will be able to get continued traffic as your content appears in searches.

#4. Collect More Points

To encourage user participation, Yahoo Answers follows a system of points and levels. Since top contributors enjoy a wide range of advantages, you should try to score more and more points with time. If you provide answer to a question, you collect 2 points (regardless of whether your answer is voted the best). If your answer is chosen as the best, you get 10 points. Likewise, there are different points for different activities. As your points increase, your level increases from 1 to 2, 3, 4,5, 6 and 7.

#5. Make Friends

Over the last six years, Yahoo Answers has grown quite rapidly. The question-answer network has a wide global reach. Therefore, connecting with other Yahoo Answers members is an excellent idea to generate more and more traffic for your blog or website. While adding more people to your contact list, you can also allow interested users to become your fan. However, you should always connect with users who are like-minded and share the same interests and backgrounds as you do.

#6. Follow Community Guidelines

Like other online communities, Yahoo Answers also has a set of guidelines for you to follow. It’s important to post your questions in their appropriate categories. You should always try to ask clear questions, so that people can easily understand your point and answer. You should only share stuff that you know. At the same time, you should treat other members of the community with respect. If you violate the terms and policy, you’ll run the risk of losing your Yahoo Answers account or even your Yahoo ID in extreme circumstances.

More Traffic-Generating Tips

Have a look at a couple more tips to make the most of your time on Yahoo Answers and increase traffic to your blog or website.

  • Focus on building your credibility.
  • Don’t insert your blog’s link every time your answer a question.
  • Include deep page links (to be relevant).
  • Gain more knowledge about your niche by seeing what people ask.
  • Try to keep your answers as simple as possible.
  • Don’t use offensive language.
  • Include potential keywords and phrases in your answers.
  • Use country-specific Yahoo Answers site for location-based traffic.

If you’re truly an expert in your niche, Yahoo Answers provides an excellent opportunity to get plenty of targeted traffic to your blog. If you follow the above mentioned tips and guidelines, you can definitely divert people to your blog or website. However, you need to have some patience before you start getting the results. So, consistency is the key!

How are you using Yahoo Answers? Feel free to talk about your personal experiences or share more tips in the comment section below.