On Page SEO Techniques To Improve Website & Post Ranking

I’m sure that you’ve heard  about SEO, means “Search Engine Optimization”. Search engine Optimization is very important for online business and individuals. There are two types of SEO On-Page and Off- page SEO, On page SEO is the most important to boost your post. There are many on page SEO techniques and here is only the best techniques I will explain below.

on page seo techniques 2017

on page seo techniques 2017

Title  Tag

The title tag appears in the head  of the page, actually this isn’t  a meta tag. Each post must have a unique title

that will help  search engines and users to understand  the post.

60-65 letter is enough for the title tag. For Example

<title>On-Page SEO techniques to boost your post</title>

Meta Tags

your post must contain meta tags.The text in these tags is not displayed but gives some specific information about your content

to search engine. For Example

<meta name=”description” content=”Approval of Google AdSense is the most hard &amp; annoying part for a blogger. In this post we are Providing 5 best tips for Google AdSense Approval.”/> 150 characters is enough for meta description.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Google AdSense, Google AdSense Approval, Google AdSense Approval tips, How to approve Google AdSense, 5 Best tips for Google AdSense Approval, Approve Google Adsense, Tricks for approve Google AdSense, AdSense Tricks to get approved“/>


Robots.txt telling the search engines about your pages

  • index – This method tells the engines that your page in search results, or not.
  • Dofollow – This tells the engines about your trusted links on your pages.

Image Tags

Image tags are  important for SEO, they  have a good chance to rank in Google Image Search. Make sure that your  image tags are highly descriptive and give  a clear description about your post


ok on page SEO the magical solution that you  have heard, they play an important role in helping your site to boost your post.