Link Building Without Quality – Is it Really Help?

Link Building Without Quality – Is it Really Help?

You can have best technique but if you do not know how to implement and where, will it really help you to grow your business? Link building is touted as one of the most valuable technique in online marketing. So if you are passionate about link building, you can get number of options- whatever request for it, buy it or earn it by writing good content etc.

Quantities matters the most, is the largest misconception floating around in regard to link building. What does quantity mean here? As all major search engines put major emphasis on link popularity in their ranking algorithm, people overlook at quality parameters and frequently start spreading links over number of sites without quality, in which all popularity is based on chance.

Wrong message on the wrong place can decrease the popularity of your website. Indeed, what are the quality parameters and why it is important should be looked into.

  • Theme based Links – The links from the sites that have thematically relevant web pages can be more beneficial than non thematic.
  • No Free for all links – Never obtain links from Free For All (FFA) websites and link frames.
  • No follow attribute – The link page should not have the "rel = nofollow" attribute.
  • No SPAM – No spam should be used to supplicate links.
  • High quality link – In order to maintain high quality, links should be developed manually.
  • No more than hundred links – As a search engine can crawl only hundred links on a single page, always prefer to add links where the number of links on a page is less than hundred (including inbound and outbound links.
  • Links from one IP – Links from different websites on a same IP address should be avoided as it comes under link farming technique.

These quality parameters play a significant role in effective link building .Quality link always get weight age over quantity link as it garners relevant audiences to your website and reach your website to the apex of search engines. It can be typically achieved by writing and posting good content over informative or thematic sites. However, if it is unique it will catch the eyes of visitors towards your link automatically. Putting an extra effort in link building could not increase popularity of your website, it needs effort with mind and this is why people with experience always prefer quality link building over quantity.