Make Money Using the Internet – Yes! It Is for Real

Make Money Using the Internet – Yes! It Is for Real

"Make money using the internet." Oh yes, you must have noticed many banners shouting these words out in the middle of the screen on the internet and they are so distracting! These windows pop out when you least expect it and when closed, they will open in another window. However, the good news is, yes! One can make money using internet technology.

Take as an example, the Facebook community. Who would have thought that the developer of this social network would earn billions of dollars and he started it out from his dorm room while riding on the back of the school's system. Of course, ever he was found out, but the point is, he made money on the internet.

Another example is the concept of virtual assistants. In the 60s, the television shows introduced the concept of a virtual secretary. Usually the shows were in the sci-fi category. Well, less than 70 years later, the virtual secretaries not only made a success out of making money on the internet, but the industry is one of the fastest growing ones.

Of course, this does not make the banners screaming "make money using the internet" popping out all over the place more attractive. In fact, most people now consider these banners as a sign that anything is advertising these "make money on the internet" ads are involved in internet based scams. Yes, the opportunity to make money is there, but not for the end user, the opportunity is for the web site owner.

Now, should all of these be ignored as scams? Definitely not. There are ways to filter out the scams from the legitimate opportunities. Sometimes all it needs is just plain and simple logic. A sure sign of a scam is when the site offers the opportunity but requests for money from the curious to 'learn more' about the opportunity. Another sure sign, is when the site states that you do not need to do anything at all, just sign in and you will earn. That is just plain ridiculous!

"Make money using the internet" opportunities are for real. But logic is also for real. Use the gray matter between the ears and learn to discern what is real and what is not.