How to Make Money Fast With Links Online Tricks

I have received many requests for this post and possibly this is the post even I wanted to share with everyone. Today, in the field of internet, it’s certainly all about making money. People want to know various new ways of making big online cash. But, out of my own research, I found out that almost all of the bots and hacks shared by everyone else seem to be either outdated or just a kind of trash as they no longer work. I can’t even say that those bots once worked as they have never worked for me. You’ll see many YouTube videos stating that money can be hacked. But hell ya, you’ll have to accept that.

Money with Link

Money with Link


So, I decided to make a new post with all my money making strategies with, and included in it.
First of all, I am going to share a bot that seemed to work for many of the folks, but not for me. As this very bot can get you some money from, there are many chances of this bot being shared on other sites in exchange of survey completion. You can also learn How to Bypass online Surveys, but you’ll never need that on problogtech as everything here always comes for free. Download the Bot and the proxy lists below.
Though the bots didn’t work for me, I have still seen two extraordinary tricks that actually fetch me with a lot of bucks.
Check out these tricks, implement these tricks for at least two-three consistent months and you’ll surely see shocking results. I can gaurantee that these two tricks if executed in the right way will bring in an 260% Increase in your or earnings.
  • The Viral Marketing Trick will help you get a lot of visitors to your shortened links. And you gotta believe that if a real visitor lands on an, or link, there are 99% chances that the visitor will click on the ‘Skip Ad’ button. For this trick, you’ll need to create a webpage, or simply find a relevant article on the internet which has the capability of going viral easily. Probably a news article has this capability if efficiently rotated. Once you find a webpage or offer for yourself, you’ll need to shorten the webpage’s link with etc. Once shortened, you shall convert that to a link which has a higher click through rate ratio as compared to the money making links. Once this is done, you shall share the webpage with this link on Facebook and Twitter. Then, you’ll just need to get your Facebook post shared and your Twitter Tweet re-tweeted by others. You can increase your shares and re-tweets using AddMeFast, learn how to automatically increase points on AddMeFast. Once you have good amount of shares, your link will be visible to many of the people. Do this with more and more webpages which might be relevant to the common people.
  • The YouTube Annotations Trick will help you get tricky visitors to your links. You’ll need to find a YouTube Video with viral potential (eg. new songs, bikini girls, wardrobe malfunctions, shocking videos etc.). Once you’ve found such a video, you shall upload it from your YT account and place an annotation in your video with something “Shocking/Surprising” written onto it. See how to write an annotation on a YT video. Your annotation text should be able to excite the viewer so that your annotation is prominently clicked. The annotations will be redirected to your surprise/offer page with links. This is how, you’ll get quite a lot of link viewers and thereby a lot of money too.
These are probably the best ways of generating money from shortened links and they are a lot better than searching for auto-bots which never work.

Should you have more questions ? Leave your comments below! See Ya!