How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Having Any Professional Skills

I’ve been doing some great stuff on Fiverr for over a month now. And you might get surprised when I tell you that I unlocked “Level Two” Seller within a month. Yes, within just a single month. Pretty fast. Before I start jumping into the matter, I would like to remove your doubts. Basically, Fiverr is a platform for freelancers and business owners. While the needy people go there to outsource the tasks, the freelancers sell their services. This way, they make money and people get their jobs done.

how to make money on fiverr

how to make money on fiverr

So, first of all, tell me:


Let me give you my answers, and you post yours in the comments section below!!

  • I am making around $400-$500 per month with Fiverr.
  • I am having around 10 Gigs!
  • No, I’m not a Professional in either of my gigs.
  • Told you already, I’m at ‘Level Two’.

Basically, I’ve been on the top of my game because of just a few simple tweaks.

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#1. Optimize The Profile
If You’re having an unprofessional profile of yours on Fiverr, you’re not going to make any money. Buyers judge you with your profile, they don’t know you from outside. So, Your Profile is the first impression on any Buyer.

  • Use Your Own Profile Picture, try to use the one which has good pixels.
  • Briefly write about yourself, don’t pretend to be the best.
  • Keep your Profile updated, for example: If you attained level one today and one month ahead, you attain level two. Don’t you forget to change your level status if you mentioned it in your bio.
  • Tell everyone, what you do and who you are. This helps in building great and long-lasting relationships and this has proved out to be the best aspect of networking with new people.
  • Include “I like to help people, it makes me happy” in your bio.

#2. Optimize Your Gigs
If Your gigs are not optimized for higher Click-Through-Rates, you’re lacking the most necessary part to succeed on Fiverr. Your gigs explain the buyers about what they’re going to order and that’s what matters the most when your Conversion Rates are to be calculated.

  • Use High Quality Images for the Gig Gallery. Try to use a Standard for all the Images.
  • Choose Only One Good-Looking Background Image and Write what you’re going to provide, do this with every gig. Make sure, you use only one background for all the gigs and their images. This denotes for a particular standard and it makes your gigs stand out from the rest.
  • Use A Video for your Gig. It improves conversion rates by 220% (that’s what Fiverr itself says). Don’t worry about the video, you don’t need to go for a professional sales video. Just shoot one with yourself being the head role, and explain your gig from your mouth.
  • If possible, use a cover picture for the gig, you may use your portfolio images in the cover.
  • Keep the Gig Title Short but Complete. Please note that your gig title already includes the prefix ‘I will’, so plan to complete the same sentence instead of confusing everything.
  • Make your Gig’s Title different from the norms. For example: “I will create three high converting squeeze pages” is better than “I will create three squeeze pages”.
  • Your Gig Description should explain everything you know about your gig. It’s better to use the formatting tools Fiverr provides to lay emphasis on important sentences. Invite the buyers to contact you, and promise to reply asap. If you’re allowed to use Gig Extras, explain about them and their benefits in the Gig Description too.
  • Don’t overload yourself by picking a less delivery duration. It’s your right, choose what fits best to you. You don’t want to be late.
  • Provide Clear Instructions to the Buyer. Make sure whatever you write to explain your gig, to communicate with the buyer or anywhere on Fiverr, keep a standard of good English skills in your language. Don’t feel shame to get it proofread on popular Grammar check sites like Grammarly.
  • Use the Gig Extras opportunity at its best. You can charge more than $5 for a service, and you deserve it. Don’t degrade your skills, ask the price you think your services are worth of, don’t be shy. There are a few stinky buyers who’ll never buy from you, leave them aside.

#3. Communication Makes The Difference
You shall agree, we make buying decisions only when we are thoroughly impressed with the selling company. So, how do we impress the buyers and how do we convert them into our customers or long-term clients? Simple, we have to be top-notch in our communication skills. It’s what makes a very big difference.

  • As told earlier, you should always invite the buyer to contact you. You can use your own profile bio or the gig’s descriptions to do so.
  • Once invited, they should contact you very soon before ordering. Welcome them.
  • Keep your communication standard professional. Whenever you send them a message (normally when you start a conversation after a break), start off by greeting them or saying Hello.
  • Next, if you are starting off with a particular word, why don’t you leave a text in the end. For example, you may write “Regards or do it my way – I keep it simple with a sweet Thanks! at the end of the messages I send.
  • Try to reply to their questions as soon as possible, and try to be direct – don’t try to twist the things. Say it straight away.
  • It’s always better to offer future help. Just before “Regards” or “Thanks!”, include a little sentence like – “Having more questions? I’ll be happy to answer.” or “If you have anything I can help you with, feel free to ask me. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.” This makes the buyers interact more with you, and build a relationship with you. So, that’s great.
  • Learn to say “NO” instead of taking jobs you don’t know ABC of. It’s always better to try out new things, but you should only try new things and experiment with new stuff if the person who is going to be affected with it’s outcomes is only You. You don’t want to ruin your buyer’s work.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself. You could get paid much more than what you sometimes ask. If you think you’re doing a great job, lift your rates. That’s the rule! But, at the same time, don’t get overconfident with your prices. There are buyers who will pay you $50 for a simple task and there are other buyers who won’t pay you more than $10 for the same task. In such situations, you should fix your own price. If you thing that the job is worth $25, ask only this price – not more.

Always Remember,
You‘re on Fiverr to Offer Something, not to Sell Something!

Okay so! Liked these tips? Go Implement them now. Brr.. wait wait. You’re forgetting something. Leave a comment below about these tips and tell something about your journey on Fiverr as a seller! Or, are you a Buyer? Perfect – Tell in the comments section below – What do you need to be changed from Seller’s side.