Who clicks on AdSense ads?

Alright, I will make you a straight question: do you ever click on AdSense ads? If you’re reading this blog probably your answer will be “Never”, or maybe “Hardly ever” or something like “Only when it really interests me”. The truth is we, AdSense-involved people, usually tend to avoid clicking on AdSense ads becase we know they are ads. We can clearly see the difference between the proper content of a site and an advertisement placed somewhere into that content.

But not every internet user can. So, let’s be honest and face a reality: a great percentage of “adsense clickers” don’t even know they are clicking on an ad. Thus, one of the main things AdSense optimizers do is integrating ads into the site content as much as possible, in an effort to make it hard to say what is an ad and what is content. Always respecting Google TOS, obviously.

clicks on AdSense ads

clicks on AdSense ads

Does that mean our main goal is to fool our visitors misleading them? Of course not. But we need to take into account the fact that unexperienced users are the most likely to click on our ads, so we should be aware of that and consequently take advantage of it. Doesn’t sound ethical? Well, it is fine you’re concerned about this, not to mention consideration to users is a must in every website. But the internet is a place offering both content and advertisement (usually quite mixed up) so what we are doing here is just accepting the rules of the game and playing by them. Newbies will eventually learn how to behave more efficiently in this “wild” environment. Anyway, that being said, it is necessary to keep balance when integrating ads into content (just as in any other thing in life, huh?) in order to avoid counterproductive results, but I will consider that topic in other post.

And to finish the post, let’s talk about experienced users. What about them? Well, yes, we must admit these users also click on ads. The difference is they know what they are doing, they are able to clearly recognize an ad, so they will not click on it unless they are really interested in what the ad is offering. In other words: if our ads are relevant and related to the content an experienced user is reading (content in which they are interested) it is easier to generate clicks from this type of users. And we can work on that too when optimizing our AdSense units.

This post has been quite theorical (I will get more practical in upcoming posts) but I believe it is important to understand how users behave if we want some action from them. The more knowledge we have about them, the more successful we will be in our goal of boosting our AdSense performance.