Broadband Connection in OS other than PC

Apple Macs, MacBooks and Linux systems

Although PC has got priority, other platforms have got their own plus points. Mac and Linux are competing with PC for an edge. In the area of Internet and other related applications, they have undergone considerable innovations during last years.

Broadband connection with an Apple computer or computers running with versions of Linux operating system like Ubuntu, Redhat or Mandriva is not so user friendly since you can’t attain a direct online connection.

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Broadband Connection in OS

Broadband Connection in OS

Internet service providers get into problems while connecting internet to such platforms. However Mac operating system is more compatible than Linux. The CDs provided for such services is often Windows compatible but they include manuals for helping Apple Mac users to get online.  Both Windows and Mac platforms have dedicated and friendly communities for helps regarding online access. Mac users can take a look to the official Apple website or a site such as MacHELP. On other hand, Linux user can depend on sites such as Linux Format and Further Mac users have to check for the possible hardware problems.