Why Your Ecommerce Website Must be Mobile-Friendly to Thrive

You have a desktop version of your website. Now what? Do you need a mobile version? You’ve been told that mobile sites are important, but you just don’t get it. You’re making sales right now, business is good. Why mess that up? What you might not realize is that you could be improving your sales by a factor of 50 without making any real changes to what you’re doing right now.

People Shop On The Go

More and more people shop on the go nowadays. Even if you own a web-based business, you might be surprised to find that a decent chunk of your customer base is out there on a mobile device. These devices include more than just smartphones too.

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In just Q4 of 2013, Apple has sold 14.1 million iPads. Even if 100,000 of those people are potential customers, it represents a huge missed opportunity for you. A mobile site does take a little bit of work to design, but it’s usually a lot easier to get up and running than a full-sized version of your site. Why? Because you can use small business apps to make it easier to do just one thing on your mobile site: buy your product and contact customer service.

In most cases, people visit your mobile site to buy, not to research. So, focus your attention on selling and watch your sales increase.

mobile version of website

mobile version of website

You Catch People When They’re Most Interested

When people are out on a Friday night looking for the next bar they want to hop on over to, they’re not going to go home and research it. They’re going to pull it up on their mobile phones. Maybe they’re looking for an Irish pub. Maybe they’re looking for a hot jazz club. Maybe they want an underground retro speakeasy. If your bar or restaurant doesn’t have a mobile version, how will they book reservations, find drink menus that might appeal to them, or call you about drink specials? Answer: they can’t and they won’t.

But it’s not just bars. Flower shops, restaurants, and even online e-commerce websites benefit from having a well-designed mobile site.

It’s Easy To Browse Your Store

Amazon.com has one of the most intuitive mobile sites out there. They make it easy to log in, browse, and shop on their site. Result? Thousands of people log onto Amazon’s mobile site to buy gifts for friends and family rather than sit at their desktop or laptop at home. It’s also a great way to compare prices when they’re out in a retail store.

Is your mobile site easy to log into, browse, and shop? If not, you’re losing sales. Don’t think people actually shop online? Think again.

In a recent survey, Minneapolis-based investment bank Piper Jaffray asked 4,800 teens about their online shopping habits. When asked whether they preferred online shopping to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, 78 percent of girls and 75 percent of boys said they’d rather go to physical stores. However, when asked about their actual shopping habits, a full 79 percent of females, and 76 percent of males, actually shop online. This is consistent with earlier research conducted by Pew Internet, which found that 71 percent of all adults on the Internet use it to shop.

Are you an e-commerce website owner? Do you have a mobile version of your online store? Please comment.