Please Give Me a Job!

Please Give Me a Job!

Recently I was involved in a debate about a man surviving off of a $ 7.00 an hour job while providing for 2 kids. This debate was sparked due to my belief that anyone with a felony does not get a legitimate opportunity to become anything more than a repeat felon. Now I'm not a felon and I have a high school diploma, but the job searches I perform seem to consistently bring job that only offer around $ 10 bucks an hour. And not only that, but they put you through all type of crap just to get those penny pinching jobs.

This article is somewhat aimed at anyone with a criminal record who is serious about getting on a more correct path, but just needs a push. This article will also benefit anyone who wants a better job that they actually will not despise going to. But, keep in mind that if you want anything good to happen for you then you have to be willing to put in the hard work.

Independent vs. Dependent


Although the government programs that allow single mothers to get discounts on food, housing and probably other things are great, they also allow the mindset of being dependent to set in. And not only a dependency on the government to HELP you but, a dependency on people to GIVE you a job, GIVE you a discount or GIVE you a break. Nobody has to give you anything so stop begging and expecting.


My view of being independent is simple; Self adequacy. One vital difference between America today and America of the 50's (surrounded hate and ignorance) is the self adequacy of people & families. More people grow their own food, knew how to fix their cars and make many home repairs. These days we depend on big corporations or other people to fix our problems. We always say that we do not have time, but we do. And although there are many things that should be left to trained professionals, there are still things that a man should be able to do for himself and his family. But, then again men are being cowards and not taking care of their families at all. (That's an entire book in itself)


I'm convinced that all problems can be resolved and the solution does not have to be making $ 7.00 an hour with 2 kids in the United States of America. Nor do you have to risk your freedom by doing immoral things like selling drugs or robbing people. One of the most valuable resources in this nation is the Public Library. If you need to learn how to read better, start a business, market yourself, improve your social skills, use a computer, use the internet, type faster, find better job opportunities or improve yourself in general then the Public Library is the place you Need to be at CONSTANTLY. Your kids can go there as well.

Instead of waiting on a job to call you, I suggest creating a job. Anyone who has ever sold drugs is already an entrepreneur. You just chose the wrong career path. Why do not you write down at least 40 things you like to do or do well and seek out ways to make money from them? There is so much more I could say, but need the desire to change first. Most of the people I grow up with are either felons or dead. PERIOD. And the ones who want to change I go out of my way to help them. But, the ones who want to go back to prison, rather physically or mentally, I do not intervene, because who am I to stop someone from doing what they want to do?

In closing, I realize that everyone is not cut out for business, but I've much more try my hand at running my own show than waiting on a job to GIVE me a chance or the government to GIVE me a hand out. Because, when that job folds or the government program is discontinued, what are you going to do then?