Android vs. Apple: Which is better for gaming?

Android and Apple have been battling it out to see who is the supreme leader in mobile device operating systems for a few years now. As time goes on it gets more and more difficult to differentiate between the two since they both seem to be working in tandem to plug existing holes in technology and software, ensuring above all that the mobile device infrastructure is solid and that we are all ready to move into the next phase of portable devices together.

apple vs android which is better

apple vs android which is better

Apple have been steadfastly finding ways to increase the capabilities of their own software to ensure that it can keep up with the internet and online gaming in general. We are seeing massive leaps forward in technical innovation when it comes to software design as a whole, meaning that the operating systems themselves need to be at the peak of their game to ensure full compatibility.

Android have made this task much easier on themselves by opening up the process to lots of different companies. Each manufacturer can put their own mark on the operating system and design it to look the way they want it to look, meaning that the underlying software is the same, but each brand still has it’s own distinct style.

Casino gaming has become a massive industry since the rise of the current wave of mobile devices, and with it’s growth there have been a lot of challenges to both Apple and Android to make their own operating systems work as similarly as possible, whilst maintaining their own styles and signatures. A quick look at Lucky Nugget online slots shows just how well the casino industry has adapted to the new gaming format, with a range of games that would have been hard to imagine even on a computer a few years ago. The popularity of either system is in part dependent on what software is available, meaning that it is in both companies best interests to carve out their own particular niche, but adhere to as many commonalities as possible.